National Gallery of Australia

Project Status: Unbuilt
Location: Canberra, ACT

Photography: Candalepas Associates

Col Madigan as director of Edwards Madigan Torzillo Briggs was the design architect responsible for the National Gallery of Australia (1968 – 1982). In recent years Col had undertaken to establish a key set of criteria for future architects working over the building and precinct and to facilitate work on the building by way of producing working schemes for the current brief. Our practice assisted Col in this task.

Madigan Architects Pty Limited was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Candalepas Associates to facilitate the contract and advice that the National Gallery of Australia sought in the process towards resolving the new work for the NGA building.

The work involves a precinct that has been recognised as a highly sensitive historical precinct and any new work in this area is to be regarded as work over heritage fabric. The model is part of a series of iterations that Madigan Architects Pty Limited had undertaken in order to ‘brief’ and better inform any future architects of the possibilities of any future expansion of the National Gallery of Australia. Although finite in its compositional elements, the schemes produced are representative only and are designed not for the purposes of construction, rather for the ensuing discourse.