The Porter House Hotel Sydney M Gallery and ‘The Castle’ Residences

Project status: Completed 2022
Location: Sydney, NSW

Located in the heart of Sydney, 116 Bathurst Street (The Castle) is a 37-storey mixed-use tower combining residential, hotel and retail space. The tower’s simple architectural form emerges from an intricate structure that sensitively cantilevers over the 142-year-old, heritage-listed, Porter House. The tower sits atop a podium, composed of elements that acknowledge the local character, reflecting a sense of craftsmanship that stems from the site’s history.

The podium is composed of arches and apses, a uniform and simple expression that contributes to a sense of urban activation at street-level. It includes an art installation designed in collaboration with artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso. In contrast, the tower is defined by vertical proportions, providing a memorable juxtaposition between the old and new.

The supporting cantilever offers shelter to the public domain of the laneway eleven storeys below.

The tower, being repetitive in nature, is read as a singular compositional expression; the sense of scale being read from street-level, therefore provides depth at the street.

Crowning the top of the tower is a roof garden occupying five levels of stepped gardens, framing the sky with curved concrete elements.

Photography: Rory Gardiner