Perry Park Recreation Centre

Project status: Completed in 2019
Location: Alexandria, NSW

Photography: Brett Boardman

Perry Park is directly adjacent to Green Square, one of central Sydney’s main growth precincts. The project is a multi-purpose recreational centre, surrounded by non-residential land uses. The inclusion of the centre into the vicinity has provided nearby residents an increased opportunity to engage in active sports. All courts are accessible to the community.

The project has retained as many of the existing trees as is possible and has had minimal impact on the existing park. The public domain has been defined and improved with sunlight flooding into spaces with minimal overshadowing and by thoughtfully setting this building back from the street, the streetscape has not been compromised.

The plan includes the mass of buildings to the east; the location of a field to the west and a careful consideration as to their location being cognisant of the trees and existing berms and mounds within the park. The administration areas are centrally located to enable legibility and access to services at the site.

These administration facilities form the public edge of the building and allow routes through the site connecting pedestrians to the surrounding streets and park. The courts and spatial provision for a future playing field are arranged to allow for direct and visual connection between each centre of activity. A public concourse borders the edge of the building entrance and amenities.

This creates a platform for more public uses that is able to be an interior and an exterior experience; enabling the informal character of the setting to be enjoyed by participants despite the formal use of the administration adjacent.

Inside the centre, in line with ESD principles, passive design measures have been employed to reduce the need for active heating and cooling.

A thorough design process took place, including community consultation, to allow interested groups to discuss the proposed plans.