Barsbys Avenue, Allawah

Project status: Completed in 2019
Location: Allawah, NSW

Photography: Brett Boardman

The design of project, 4 – 6 Barsbys Avenue, Allawah is the result of a collaboration between Wendy Lewin and Candalepas Associates.

Situated in the residential area of Allawah, only a six-minute walk from the station, this 5-storey development makes a strong and considered contribution to the streetscape. It is appropriate in scale to its surrounding urban context and the contributes to the future character for Barsbys Avenue. It responds to the demand for inner-city living and ongoing medium density developments being constructed within the locality.

The design has been influenced by its orientation, neighbouring buildings, its street presence and the adjoining Joy Mead parkland. Consequently a high-quality development has been offered to all residents.

The façades are well articulated and form a natural rhythm, with the use of recesses and expressed material junctions. A play of shadows and light is created. Internally the built form offers high-quality living spaces for its occupants and simultaneously enhances the future character of the area. Natural light filters through the glass block walls in the facade into well-ventilated living spaces  and views are captured of the adjacent park.

The choice of material, colour and texture has been carefully considered and influenced by the surrounding environment. Concrete, glass blocks and steel framing are used, paying special attention to the articulation and proportion of elements. On the human scale, fine steel detailing and glass block walls serve to provide visual interest whilst maintaining privacy. The material finishes respond to the residential nature of the area, providing a robust, contemporary design sympathetic to its context. The stepping planes of the Barsbys Avenue facade, the scheme demonstrates subtle variances in material tones such as the grey concrete banding against the white concrete facade showing consideration to scale and articulation to the otherwise monolithic form.