Architects, not Architecture

Architects, not Architecture
Brickworks Design Studio, Sydney

Thursday 28 April, 2022

On Thursday evening Angelo spoke about the personal experiences and significant creative periods that shaped the man he has become today. He participated in the international event series alongside mentor Richard Johnson and there was only one rule: speakers were asked to not talk about projects from the office.

Architects, not Architecture is an international event series featuring the most relevant architects of the world. The uniqueness of the format is that architects do not talk about their projects, they talk about the influences and personal experiences that shaped the architects they are today. It is a kind of intellectual biography that enables a better understanding of their work.

Some of the architects who have already participated in this series include; Daniel Libeskind, Richard Rodgers, Toyo Ito, Francine Houben, Elisabeth Diller, Sou Fujimoto, Stefano Boeri, Ma Yansong and many more. Many of the speakers have received the highest distinctions in architecture.

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