Kensington House

Project Status: Completed in 2009
Location: Kensington, NSW

The world consists of active spirits and inert matter – Henry More (1614-1687)

Photography: Brett Boardman

AIA NSW Architecture Award, Commendation Residential, 2009

The Kensington House is a home for a family of four. The residence provides a sensitively, controlled private realm for its occupants, through varying degrees of transparency in each direction. The street-facing east façade is finely screened in timber, flanked by concrete hands. The two sides towards the neighbours have high level glazing and are otherwise blank save for a sliver of window presenting a constant horizontal image of the sky to the interiors. The west façade provides expansive views, mediating and modulating sunlight with operable louvres, large overhangs and vertical concrete blinkers.

The front elevation offers a clear treatise on the necessary elements of entry to a home: fence, path, wall, door, and shelter. The simplicity of these components draws the visitor into an uncomplicated experience of entry; towards a timber door under a steel awning of simple proportions.

At close proximity, the fine grain of the screens and the craftsmanship of the construction become evident, and on crossing the threshold, the house welcomes the guest into secluded surroundings bathed in reflected light.

The palette and composition of high quality, robust materials, ensure that the structure will enrich with the passing of time as the family enjoys its days in a home of quiet contemplation.