Oxford Street Mixed Use

Project Status: Completed in 2000
Location: Paddington, NSW

Photography: John Marmaras

AIA NSW Architecture Award, Commendation Public Architecture, 2000

The Project was a commission that required the redevelopment of two existing commercial sites into one mixed commercial and residential site.

The site accommodation includes four new residential apartments, as well as, enhancement of the existing commercial components to the site.

The design involved a strategy to preserve all the significant vegetation and to work around the trees and pockets of landscape, in order to encapsulate the existing site’s character. In this way the sporadic green pockets and ‘urban grain’ is enhanced with a further layer of graphic and built information.

Amidst this landscape is a series of ‘pavilions’. These pavilions on steel legs frame views, capture light, yield to trees and offer a safe high refuge from the business of the street in a courtyard environment. The trees have inspired the patterns painted on the buildings and structures. All of the patterns and forms are in turn inspired by organic architectural notions and are interpretations of the paintings and rugs of the architect Eileen Grey. The book “Architecture Polychromie” by the Architect Le Corbusier inspires the colour palette.