The Banker

And hope
that came to beat
the ravaged still
That came to bear
That came of will
Shall one day see the hopes of dire
Upon that universal spire
That cracked gold glistening fraud
That humans make
For nothing’s sake
Like sullen sunsets
Lost upheavals
Hopes for none sense
And trails of evil

The following for followings sake
Shall end; its no mistake
In ends of ends that finish never
And find a sum
From nothing tethered
And set sail to stone-filled yachts
To find the treasures
sought from the beginning.
And futile challenge for futile innings
In end of ends that never finish
To find no hope; just gold unlinished
And sadness where a joy was sought
And nothing ventured nothing bought
In space of churlish hopes upheld

Imagine images less sought
Less hopeful and less bought
Of simple means and simple ends
In stead; in all amends
With simple lives that bettered still
Those aimless hopes
Those aimless skills
That got you nowhere
In the end.

Imagine that
And hope again

– Angelo Candalepas 10.10.12