Possible… potential

There are so many possible influences in life; science having developed and found the smallest of things and the largest of things. We understand quantum theory, quantum mechanics, quantum physics; all things amidst being what we know and live.

Our canvas, the matter with which we engage is the place where we live; the canvas itself maintaining its primacy as it stands before us; in our case a shimmering emerald city.

All significant art of times before can be theoretically found in an encyclopedic knowledge and it should be our life’s aim to seek its discovery whilst knowing the impossibility of that task. And what may lay before us are streams of the collective consciousness; streams of nutrients; streams of flowing thought away from the cerebra; thought of a visceral nature; despite our knowledge. These parts of our being are the creative parts that can add to our knowledge and should not be ignored.

All these old, new, historical, internal, personal and universal ideas are able to come together with possibilities in art; they can come together at this time in this place to form a delta. What of that delta which is the coming together of the possibilities; all together; all at this time; flowing which way is known to those who are aware of their self in the present.

What of the present?

Lets imagine all the facts of the past and the possibilities for the future are together in a natural filter; a delta and all things that emanate from it are not forced; they flow unclogged and toward places where they are due.

This place, this delta could be the present;

we are the filter;

the fresh water is the produce of this great mass of nutrients;

unforced but forceful;

this delta of forthcomings is a place where we can simply rejoice in whatever life might bring; whatever comes along as we stand by and observe in awe.

– Angelo Candalepas 01.02.08