Notice the familiar

When you are used to looking at something,
this act can make things that are extraordinary
seem commonplace.

I wonder if there is a state of mind
that can inhabit the soul
to enable us to be aware
or ‘notice’
beautiful and extraordinary things
when they appear before us,
even if we are familiar with them.

A view,
a word,
a thought,
a building,
a picture,
a person

all can be extraordinary
and pass before us unnoticed,
dismissed, only to be present
by way of reflection,
if reflection is afforded;
(Van Gogh for instance).

I walked down La Ramblas today.

I have done this
so many times
in the past two years
and now I can say that there is always a moment
where the extraordinary enters into the familiar
and one can easily forget in the day to day,
that there is a presence of magic
in every place.

How can we deal with not forgetting that beauty is manifest in all things when you look closely?

– Angelo Candalepas, 10.02.10