City of possibilities

Our city is a place of possibilities.

And yet,
the natural order of things
does not assume the presence of design to a priority.

And then,
there is no assumption in design
that there is a unilaterally accepted approach.

And yet there may lay in this
something of a cultural approach
which is different
to a general approach
or resting on laurels.

It would seem that other things take precedence in a city
and this is why in the best cities
there is an apparent thing in the design of the places that unifies;

it almost sits outside design for those who care;
but it sits in the realm of design for those who don’t.

High in the regard of politics is politics
and in that stead, it would seem,
there too lies a dilemma.

Our city
may therefore be a place of possibilities
but it is not a place of always positive probabilities.

– Angelo Candalepas 17.01.10