Italy – Collected Sketches

A collection of Angelo’s sketches while traveling through Italy.
San Pietro, Rome, Italy
“This is the most important architect of the Renaissance, Bramante.” - Angelo 06.10.11
Siena, Tuscany, Italy
“This was the final sketch. It is the second drawing completed after the trial sketch that follows.”- Angelo 06.10.10
Palazzo Uffizi, Florence, Italy
“There were architecture students sitting there sketching. I told them they were starting in the wrong place. Mary and the kids went up to the Ponte Vecchio and I ended up sitting down to teach twelve italian students how to draw. They had started in the window, in the detail, I started in the whole. It was a five minute sketch, but it tells everything about the building. It was just a basic lesson, but it was a lesson to me too.” - Angelo 06.10.09
Santa Croce, Florence, Italy
“I did this sketch through a gate. The gate was locked and I was looking through the gate.” - Angelo 06.10.09
Aalto Chapel, Riola, Italy
"A quick study sketch of the exterior." - Angelo 06.10.08
Aalto Chapel, Riola, Italy
"A quick study sketch of the interior." - Angelo 06.10.08
Aalto Chapel, Riola, Italy
"I do these study sketches of the exterior and interior, but then I finally do a sketch that takes maybe 10 minutes. I classify them as sketches of time." - Angelo 06.10.08
Verona’s Colosseum, Verona, Italy
“It is just this beautiful movement that colosseums have. I didn’t realise until I was inside that it is this sort of eternity. A circle that never ends, that is constantly moving in my mind." - Angelo 06.10.07