The Porter House Hotel Sydney – M Gallery

Located in the heart of Sydney, The Porter House Hotel Sydney – M Gallery features a 10-storey podium enveloping the south and west sides of the heritage-listed Porter House, with a 27-storey cantilevered apartment tower above. The architectural design is based upon a delicate interplay of heritage and modernity, evoking a sense of elegant sophistication. A distinct appreciation of craftsmanship pervades throughout, stemming from the site’s rich and layered history.

The podium is composed of arches and apses, a uniform and simple expression that contributes to a sense of urban activation at the street. It includes an art installation designed in collaboration with artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso.

Inside Porter House are the hotel’s reception, guest, and patron facilities, while guest rooms are situated within the podium. The design vision aims for a harmonious blend of interior and exterior, informed by architectural tradition, building technology, site history, and personal narrative.

Public spaces integrate heritage interpretation, enhancing visitor engagement, while private rooms prioritise comfort and connectivity to the exterior architecture. The room planning emphasises privacy and intimacy, resembling apartments more than hotel suites, contributing to the overall architectural composition.

Photography: Rory Gardiner