TALK TALK – Scott Burchell

On Thursday evening, Candalepas Associates welcomed Scott Burchell (aka @combconstruction) to our office for our monthly TALK TALK event.

Scott joined us from his Melbourne based firm COMB Construction and presented ‘A Modernist Brasil (from Corb to Kogan)’.

We were taken on a guided tour of that wonderful strand of modernism peculiar to Brasil. From Corbusier’s first visit as guest lecturer in September 1929, to the Roberto Brothers “ABI Building” in Rio (1935) all the way to Marcio Kogan’s “B+B House” in São Paulo (2016), via Costa, Reidy, Roberto, Levi, Moreira, Heep, Burle Marx, Niemeyer, Ramos, Bulcão, Bernardes, Artigas, Lele, de Melo Saraiva, Ohtake, Broos, Mendes da Rocha et al …

Scott was our sixth presenter in the TALK TALK series for 2019, a CPD accredited event.
The event was a sell out.

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